I really, really, REALLY love my #27 Chillout Spray!!!

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A #27 Chillout story

I love LML’s #27 Chillout Spray.

If you haven’t thrown away your deodorant for #27 Chillout Healing Spray yet, you are missing out.

I always hated deodorant. It stained most of my 100% cotton clothing. I tried many brands too, and I still got stains. Plus, when I sweated, the deodorant and sweat made my armpits feel oily and disgusting. I never understood why my armpits should sweat more that other parts of my body.

Based on my experience, they sweat more BECAUSE of deodorant/anti-perspirant. I believe it clogs the skin and you sweat more to detoxify the nasty deodorant. It also blocks air from getting to the skin to evaporate the sweat. #27 Chillout does the opposite.

#27 Chillout Spray lets my skin purge so I don’t have to sweat excessively. It also inhibits bacteria so the smell is gone without contributing artificial smells. It chills out my armpits, so my body doesn’t have to by sweating more.

#27 as a deodorant left my skin smelling skunky for a few minutes after using it as my skin purged and detoxified itself. After a few weeks, that smell went away and has a more mint-like smell that I enjoy.

I use it on my feet when I wear sandals too. My old foot deodorant was terrible.

Unfortunately, I seem unable to thoroughly clean the deodorants out of some of my clothes and sandals.

I spray #27 all the way from my upper arm down my side to my mid-section after getting out of the shower and drying off. I then work on my hair, brush my teeth, etc. and spray a second misting of #27 Chillout on my armpits only. I find this to work the best.

Sometimes I will use #27 Chillout again in the late afternoon/evening. I like that it rids the smell instead of covering it up. My armpits sweat as much as the rest of my body now – no less, no more.

I also Chillout my face and ears every morning as directed. I had my hearing checked not that long ago and the woman put a tiny camera in my ear to look around and said she never saw clean ears like mine before.

I don’t put #27 Chillout into my ear, but somehow it keeps the entire ear canal clean!

I’ve used #27 Chillout Healing Spray for so much – paper cuts, itchy skin, cooling off after working out, etc. Of course, I use #27 Chillout on my scalp too 🙂

Louise Marie OK’d that I add this to my previous post after our Non-Salon conversation about #27 Chillout Spray this weekend:

I chill out my ears by spraying on #27 Chillout Spray, and then rubbing the ear with a wet cottonball with some #27 Chillout on it already (I already used the cotton ball on my face).

When I spray the #27 Chillout on my ears, I can actually feel the water in my ears come right out**. No need to jump up and down and tap the side of your head 🙂

Louise Marie also suggested that I spray my feet with #27 every morning.

If I remember correctly, it had something to do with using #27 Chillout Spray some form of hydrotherapy*.

Notes from LM;*(hydrotherapy; cold water therapy on the feet raises the immune levels) **(#27 actually disperses the water there in my ear;)

I know this is a really long post, but I really, really, REALLY love my #27!!!

(Longdistance Magicpacker from USA)

March 19, 2017

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