I LOVE my Blood Nutrients Longhairs® Non-Salts BRINING ROCKS!!

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Feedback regarding: I just love my “Blood Nutrients Longhairs® Non-Salts BRINING ROCKS”… and here’s why:

This product is amazing. i always always put a little in my water bottles -yes Bottles bc now no one has to beg me to drink actual water now.lol

I add a little to my waterpik for dental health, they often instr. not to add salt to reservoir but this is brine so its different than any salts out there… special… important.

I also add a little to my youngest son’s bath. He tends toward dryness and there’s obvious improvement.

Finally I have a chronic health issue so may tend to constant dizziness. I’ve had that much less since I’ve been adding to my water bottles. Doctorlonghairs told me to try just a tap of it under my tongue right when it happens.

Kimberly-Ann W USA

March 21, 2017

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