I heard from a fellow Magicpacker…

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I read that a fellow Magicpack member secretly hopes that Louise Marie doesn’t get too popular and “spread out too thin”. Even if Louise Marie’s line became the most popular in the world, I don’t think she’d ever get spread out too thin because not everyone would put in the effort and care that is needed for her line to work. We choose her line initially, but eventually it chooses us!

Also, I told Louise Marie about a friend of mine who wants to grow her hair long and she said to bring her to the non-salon with me next time.

She told me to bring her along next time and that I was like many of her clients who want to keep her a secret. The downside of keeping Louise Marie a secret is that it maybe keeps her from getting new clients. (some hair chat boards have rules I notice try to keep her down to ‘size’, afraid of her becoming too popular? ..heaven-forbid a household name like a popular mainstream brand they are not afraid to discuss. I notice initials are used to discuss her that aren’t listed or defined in their legends like with other brands) New clients and sharing her means more support and desire for her line and that means she can get the support to to buy the finest ingredients for her products that we love.

Next time someone asks me if I dyed my hair or remarks about it, I’m going to mention Louise Marie Longhairs’ line (which I haven’t done in the past). In fact, I was thinking of buying my friend a gift certificate for a holiday gift and taking her with me to the Longhairs Non-salon next time I visit!

I’ll let her choose if she decides to join or not and then if she does, I hope the Longhairs products choose her.

(from USA)

March 20, 2017

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