I have reached the Oz of hair art and care….

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Thank you so much for all you did last night. I was thinking about what you said regarding hockey stick wings and dull blunts…I want a blunt cut with some action, some intrigue, some flair! Now that my beautiful bevel cut is growing out, I want to even it out, but how, I’ll leave up to your magic hands.

Louise, my mum wanted me to pass on a thank you for how generous she felt you were with your time for her, your knowledge and your products. Oh, I heard from my sweetie when I got home last night that you’d been thinking about the new style for Mum. That’s fantastic ! “Every salon experience, had been a disappointment until I came to see Louise Marie Longhairs. To see Louise Marie is to see the end of any hair-splitting frustration you may have experienced over inadequate hair care. I feel extremely lucky and personally satisfied to know that I have reached the Oz of hair art and care.”

(wavy from Canada)

PS Louise-Marie you are a hair goddess.

March 20, 2017

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