I found my solution for a healthy scalp and improved lifestyle

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Before I met Louise Longhairs, my scalp had become red and irritated to the point that my friends couldn’t help but notice. I was using Head & Shoulders as a crutch but it was only a temporary solution at best, and if I stopped using it for only two days my head would feel incredibly itchy. It was embarrassing not only to deal with dandruff every day, but to have people constantly ask me why my scalp was bright pink.After being referred to Louise, my scalp and hair has never felt more pure and breathable. As a result of not worrying about my head all the time, I find that I can focus my energy on my environment and other people much more clearly.

I found my solution for a healthy scalp and improved lifestyle through a mix of her products:

#9 Trees conditioner:

Her tree conditioner is so refreshing, stimulating the scalp without drying it out like commercial shampoos. After using this product for a week my head has cooled down and my skin has become more supple, without any flaking whatsoever.

Supergrowth Vitamin Spray:

After researching the importance of vitamin b to the health of my hair, I picked up a small spray bottle of Hairgasm’s own vitamin blend. The first time I tried it was transformational! My hair has become lighter and more vibrant through this essential treatment. But the benefits extend well beyond the health of my hair: I feel my blood flowing all the way to my fingertips for the first time in months and I have never slept this well in my life.

Ted K

March 21, 2017

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