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I have been using the products consistently last week (I have only missed washing my hair 1 day so far). As you know… I am African-American (Black), have straight, but slightly wavy hair. Do not use chemicals on my hair at all. I blow dry it. I don’t have dread locks either. My 1st two days, I washed w/ the SC#2. I really liked it far better than I expected. Normally the buildup cleaning type shampoos are very harsh on my hair, but yours was surprisingly gentle and very easy to rinse out. I found that my hair was in great condition. The 1st 2 days, I also used the #19 Honey Bee Treatment after the washes and loved it very much.

Before I forget, I have used #18 SOS Scalp Oil and #27 Chillout Spray before each wash as directed. Love these products and will do as you suggested and order larger #27 in my next order.

The 1st two days, I used the #9 Trees Conditioner and #10-b and the #19 Honeybee. I liked both very much. After the # 2 SC washes, I used the #25. Loved how it made my hair feel. I used the #17 Lilith conditioner afterwards. After using #17, I felt that my hair wasn’t conditioned to my satisfaction and tangled, so I rinsed and used #9. It was prefect then. #17 (Lilith) is a bit light for my extremely thick hair. Before drying, I always put on #12 Protein Spray. I love this product and am already addicted to it.

I blow dry (bad I know, but hair is too thick otherwise) and then use #11 to help w/ whatever tangles I have. I am also VERY addicted to #11! I brush using Kinder brush w/ some more #11 sprayed on (I really concentrate on ends). I pull it back into ponytail and braid. After braiding, I put some Bliss#13 on my ends, around nape, and hairline. I take my ponytail double it up and bobby pin it put off neck w/ the ends covered by my hair. So far, I really love the #9, #10a, #11, #12, #13, #18, #19, and #27.

The Shampoos I’ve tried so far are #2 (very good as an anti build up rebalancing shampoo), #25 (which I really love so far), and #1 (which I found left my hair a bit tangly afterwards, but will try again to see if it was a one off). I do believe that I will alternate each washing w/ the #9 and #10a conditioners. My hair seems to like that! ;0) Also, I think that I will use the #19 each time I wash.

It takes a bit of time (i.e. 20mins, it’s impossible to over-condition my hair I tell ya!), but it feels so good afterwards, I feel it’s worth it! I am really looking forward to working my way thru the shampoos to really get a better feel as to what’s good for me. I will say that so far I am extremely pleased w/ your products and I believe that they will be very good in promoting the type of growth that I’m looking for. If my hair feels and looks as good as it does now and this is typical, it ought to grow healthily and long very rapidly! I am looking forward to this time next year to see all this great length! LOL

I will tell you that I am becoming an everyday washer. I don’t know if this will be good for my African type hair, but it certainly feels good! To give you an idea of what my hair looks like, think Polynesian. Very Black, thick, w/ a lot of wave, but not hard to manage. Just much patience! Basically, it takes about 2 hrs from #18 to finish braiding to complete my hair routine. I do it at night for obvious reasons! :0) I do use the Kinder brush all the time. Feels great, no pull. Lose very few strands if any (which it truly remarkable).

(African-American mix from the USA)

March 20, 2017

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