I feel a kind of relief at finding one good hair care line..

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I’ve been only using the products for a month, I’m sure I’ll find many of the other types I’ll like too (I have the big magic pack). The pick, comb and brush are also wonderful. Louise Marie Longhairs’s always given me help and answered questions right away, so you can’t beat the customer service.

Late this spring, I’m hoping to get to her salon in Toronto to have her trim my hair and see how I’m doing. This is the most enthusiastic I’ve felt in a while about any hair care products and especially in the hair care salon area. I was skeptical at first to be sure, and was worried about the cost. But I am very happy now.

My hair is healthy and growing, even in this dry winter, and I don’t have any of the tangling problems I used to. As much as I enjoyed trying out new products all the time, I’ve got to say I feel a kind of relief at finding one good hair care line. There is enough variety within it to keep me from getting bored. I switch to different products within it quite frequently without any troubles, and buildup is a thing of the past. I don’t know if this line is for everyone, although I must say with the variety in it, it just might work for everyone.

(Texas USA)

March 20, 2017

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