I am not embarrassed at my scrawny hair anymore…

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Hello LML and friends:

More feedback- I saw a friend of mine tonight who I had not seen in a few months and when she saw me she did not recognize me at first because she never saw me with hair that is actually growing in and looking pretty good!

All this, and I have been only using the LONGHAIRS® BTN PRODUCTS DUO and the horncombs! I can’t wait to see how my hair looks when I continue the routine and start adding the Magicpack to what I have.

No hard sell was necessary. I am a believer and will do it YOUR way. The old way was definitely useless, no matter how I tried nothing helped. I play with my hair at the back of my neck because I can’t believe I actually have some to mess with. I pat and squish the shampoo through and with each successive lathering and rinsing, my hair gets silkier and smoother! Amazing. Then when I use the conditioner, my hair feels like a sheet of silk. My hair is thin, but getting better.

Oh, thanks so much! I am not embarrassed at my scrawny hair anymore. It is improving all the time and my smile gets bigger and bigger!


March 20, 2017

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