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Hi Louise Marie,

I’d like to write a horncomb testimonial and please feel free to share it with other members, pass it along, etc. Oh- where do I start this ode to my beloved horncombs?

Let’s start at the beginning…over 5 months ago in the days when I did not know about Louise Marie (Queen of all Good Hair!) and her Magic Horncombs! I took a chance and purchased 2 combs, sheepshorn and oxhorn and the LONGHAIRS® BTN PRODUCTS DUO. I had been sad and upset for years because my previously healthy hair was becoming lank, thin, limp and my bare scalp was showing through in my part area. It was terribly embarrassing and I used all sorts of “methods” to artfully cover the bad spots, etc. although nothing was satisfactory. I figured I had nothing left to lose, I had tried Rogaine, Nioxin and all the other magic bullets available before to no avail.

Well, am I ever glad I did try my combs and the LONGHAIRS® BTN PRODUCTS DUO. I am now a happy Magicpacker and have been for almost 4 months. I received my beautiful horn medicine combs and was immediately impressed with how smooth, beautiful and yep- gorgeous they were. I have told Louise Marie that they are like little works of art to me. I have 13 combs now and I am in grave danger of cleaning out Louise Marie’s stock of combs if I ever get to meet her! I started doing my “scritches” faithfully twice daily without fail; scritching the way LML tutorial stated to do. I also used the LONGHAIRS® BTN PRODUCTS DUO , and later the MP faithfully, again EXACTLY the way Louise Marie states to do. In my opinion, it is pointless to use her line of products the traditional way. She has refined and perfected these methods with years of love and work. I figured that nothing else was working for me, so why not at least attempt to do it her way? Within a couple of weeks my husband was swearing that he saw new hair growth on my scalp. I certainly did like the way my hair was responding, but I was almost afraid to believe that a simple comb could do all that. I faithfully scritched and rubbed and stimulated my scalp with her lovely combs before even becoming a Magicpack member, so I assure anyone that these dear little combs are a big part of the reason that EVERYONE is asking me “What are you doing to your hair these days? It looks so great!” I do not have any bald patches anymore either. My hair may not be genetically predisposed to be extremely thick and full, but it is better that I ever thought possible- all this at an age where women traditionally start to sometimes get thin hair. About that age thing…let’s get over it! I plan on growing my hair to its full long potential with LML help!

Let’s get back to those horncombs I SO love. I wish I could meet everyone personally, and gush about how they really HAVE to try at least a couple. The benefits are truly amazing. They stimulate and funnily enough, relax my scalp all at the same time. I like that “buzz” I get after a good scritch session. My hair is strong, shiny (maybe because of the proteins deposited while rubbing and scritching?) and my scalp is clear and healthy. No flakes, no oiliness either like it used to be. I’d encourage anyone who is the least bit doubtful to try a couple of horncombs. Louise Marie can even guide you through selections best for you. I trusted her on helping me select mine and I cherish each little (some big!) comb! I crave that twice daily session- just me and my horncomb or two! I credit the LML MP system for bringing my hair into a state of health and beauty I never thought I’d see agan. Your wonderful medicine combs are a major part of the fact that my hair, scalp and I are friends again! I feel that I have witnessed a hair miracle. Folks, I don’t know what else to say- please consider trying these combs. I could say more, but I am afraind I have gushed on and on already. I know in my heart that you will not be disappointed and will only be satisfied. Louise Marie has shown me in the short time that I have been working with her that she really does care about her customers and only wants us to be happy with our hair. She cares.


I am becoming increasingly more happy with my hair and scalp all the time thanks to LML!

Virginia USA

March 20, 2017

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