Henna and Indigo: a Warning!!!

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I am now a new client of LMLonghairs and have this to say (from my henna experience).

Once you henna and indigo, there’s nowhere else to go! You’re stuck and one day you will be fed up of that rut.

Many women are tempted to try henna and/or indigo during their hair lifetime, the smart ones are those who avoid it by remaining natural and/or who find other non-chemical means to dye their hair when they want a change. I was one of the not smart women.

I started doing a two step henna and indigo process two years ago, before I met Louise Marie. This henndigo dye-job was to try to get my hair back to its natural colour after years of causing excess damage to my hair as I was bleaching it blond.

Firstly the henna and indigo got me nowhere near to my natural colour, which would be a very light warm brown with golden highlights.

Secondly the result was very red and did not suit me. Subsequent hendigo-ings to try to shift the colour towards brown actually went awry and I ended up with black hair.Now my hair did look very shiny and felt thick but this thickness was due to a residue which led to..

my third problem: constant tangles and knots which were actually detrimental to achieving my goal of tailbone length hair. The more I hennaed the knottier my hair got. I believe some bad damage at the back portion of my hair is due to this. The henna also weighed down my hair and if it seemed thicker it also lost the lovely waves it once had.

And fourthly: this is my big warning….

Once I realized that blackish red hair did not suit me as well as my natural colour had, there was nothing I could do to get rid of the colour!!!
Both henna and indigo are for life, and much as you might initially like the colour and shine, the problem is that you cannot change it you are stuck with it.

There are other ways to dye your hair which Louise Marie can guide you to, which are less permanent and risky.

Louise Marie is working on helping me find a solution to getting rid of my black henndigo but for the moment I am at a loss.I don’t want to cut my almost waist length hair that has taken me 3 years of dedication to grow and be back at zero but I am fed up of the colour.

Louise Marie is being great and helping me look into all the possibilities including using the baking soda, lemon and Balance shampoo recipe found on Longhairs.com under the site’s search using term: remove henna.

But I want to warn all of you who might be tempted to henna or henna and indigo that you will be stuck with the colour permanently whether you like it or not and when the time comes for a change, your hair and you will be stuck in the henna hut with no return ticket.

Kate K. Belgium

PS She did remove it in the NonSalon with some smelly ingenious mixture that mostly did the trick, lucky.

March 21, 2017

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