Great experience. Going to see her was definitely worth it.(long)

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I found Louise-Marie Longhairs in 2009. I bought my first Magicpack in October of that year. I never wanted super long hair, but I’m a biracial woman who works outside in the Arizona desert. The heat dries my hair out. Additionally, I’ve never found that conventional mainstream nor African hair products give me good results.

I’ve maintained about a foot of additional growth since I started using LML’s products seven years ago, but over time I got complacent and stopped using them properly. (Life happens.) Over the course of maybe 2 months of poor technique, my hair strands lost some of their original diameter because they dehydrated. My hair developed an ombre sunburn that went from dark brown at the roots to bright gold at the tips. The color wasn’t an issue, but dryness and breakage were.

I went to see LML and she gave me a examination and some advice. She combed my super curly hair out. Then she brushed it to remove detatched hairs. No one has brushed my hair in decades (I always used a comb, only while conditioning).

Then she did a 3-star scalp oil treatment with a Scritcher and #27 Chillout spray. Which I have at home.

Then she washed my hair with her new #2 Silky Balancing shampoo, and conditioned it with #10B-ME2-C conditioner. Which I have at home.

During this process I realized that, while I had been largely following the letter of the instructions (with a few mistakes), I was not digging in enough with the Scritcher; I was not massaging the oil in with the vigor she used; I wasn’t brushing my hair out prior, so when i went to shampoo it, it was tangling up more; I wasn’t using the conditioner to pull the last remnants of the shampoo out of the ends; I wasn’t rinsing the froth off the comb as I combed the conditioner in; as I was handling my hair, I wasn’t working with the growth direction of my follicles.

I realized that when I was trying to be “on point” with technique at home, I was doing it maybe 65-70% correctly. I still got results, and I still recommended the products to people all the time. I still got compliments on my hair on a near-daily basis.

But I didn’t understand that shampoo interacts with the #18 SOS Scalp oil and #27 Chillout spray. I didn’t understand that the conditioner interacts with the shampoo. I didn’t understand that my hair had to be organized prior to cleaning it – I though that could be done afterward. I don’t think I saw how the SYSTEM worked.

So LML just brushed, washed, and conditioned my hair for me, with products I have at home. Clipped off a few split ends.

As a result, my hair changed color. The sunburned tips darkened from golden blond to caramel because my hair absorbed more water. All of my hair changed texture. The next day, my part moved from the center to the side.

LML invited me to come see her when I went to Manhattan in 2010. I should have gone then. She invited me to sit in the chair in 2012 when I went to the shop to buy products. I should have sat down. Going to see her was definitely worth it. I’ve learned about how to get more performance out of her high-end products. And that’s not touching on the stories she tells as she works!

Great experience. Thank you, Louise-Marie.
BTW I got asked by a security woman at the airport (flying home)about what I do with my hair. Thanks for showing me how to use the products properly.

Donna W.
Chandler, AZ

March 21, 2017

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