Everyone thinks I’m only 30 or something.

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I just love my “Smoothing Face Cream LMLonghairs® Herbal & Homeopathic”… and here’s why:

I have used this wonderful cream on my face for six years and my face LOVES it. Smooth, soft, moistened, absolutely wonderful. I’m 40 and everyone thinks I’m only 30 or something.And I KNOW my sensitive skin will NEVER react to it. How do I know?? The other day I accidentally got it right in my eyeball. Not just in my eye, but right across the pupil. I was looking through a goopy haze — hee-hee!! But guess what — unlike ANYTHING ELSE I have ever gotten in my eye, this did NOT sting — not even one teeny bit. No irritation. If it hadn’t been goopy and blurry, I wouldn’t have known it was there!!Wonderful stuff. I will use it forever!!
J Berard from Alberta

March 21, 2017

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