Commitment and lifelong mission to make a difference.

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In our wonderful world full of promises and at times a place of a “smoke’n’mirrors” mentality, it can become difficult and somewhat confusing, when deciphering what is fact and what is fiction.
Upon entering the head office of Louise-Marie Longhairs®/Hairgasm, I was instantly intrigued by the purveyor of the products, but more importantly by her commitment and lifelong mission to make a difference.
As a consumer of standard hair care products, I was concerned about cost when looking at price lists, but the sincerity of the operation and my personal intrigue into the realm of “Louise-Marie Longhairs” based upon
the positive energy and perceived quality of the products I was viewing, led me to purchase a hair-care kit.
These products have changed my hair and my life! It’s amazing how investing in yourself can lift your spirits and most importantly, when the investment produces instantaneous results that continue to enhance your spirit and look on a daily basis, it makes a person say “I’m glad I took the risk.” From the first day that I used “Louise-Marie Longhairs®” products, I felt and saw an improvement in the health of my hair. After just a few weeks of daily use I have come to realize that I don’t have to cut my hair as often because my hair is healthier and I don’t have to trim it as often, because my specialty combs provided by Louise-Maire and Hairgasm are gliding through my hair, when in the past there were knots that convinced me it was time for a trim.
On top of that my hair is ultra-soft, shiny and seemingly thicker than ever before. I’ve discovered something special and it is important to make a statement about it and spread the news, hoping that others will enjoy the carefully crafted products, created by the caring professor of hair “Louise Marie.” “Longhairs®/Hairgasm” products are so much more than hair care. They are the culmination of a natural, organic process and the product of a dedicated and passionate guru. The results of the specific mission of Canada’s top hair care expert.
There is so much more to learn about the rest of the “Longhairs®/Hairgasm” product line that I know I am in store for more positive surprises and I look forward to them all. Thank you for making a difference!Sincerely, Don Coleman from New BrunswickThank You – Everyone loves my hair – be good to you 🙂
Sending you positive energy always….
even when you don’t pay close attention to the details of doing it right.
These products truly do work.I first came to know about Louise Marie ™s products and methods for hair, beauty, and whole health in the autumn of 2006.I was entering the final stages of menopause and did not understand what was happening to my health and hair-especially my hair.Because I was over weight (still am!), my doctor put me on a very restrictive low fat diet, which, unbeknown to me, had begun the process of me losing more than just weight. My hair began to fall out by the handful.
It had gotten to the point where I had to cut my hip length hair to my shoulders.
My health was also declining. I felt discouraged and defeated, and so I gave up until now.That was in September of 2008. Below is my story.Well…
I bought my first Magic Pack in January, or there about, of 2007. I began to use it regularly for about four months, but
when things became too much in my life, I put it aside until about a year ago when I pulled (Longhairs® Hairgasm products) off the shelf and once again began to use it regularly, though I am sure not necessarily correctly.
I lead a very busy and often hectic life, leaving me rushed with more things to do than time to do them.I am an independent writer, known as an Indie Author, who self publishes my own work as well as that of others, so my life is full to be sure.
Anyway, after I cut my hair, I just didn’t care anymore about having long hair. My husband was laid off (Chrysler engineer), and things were tough.
Then last November, I decided to use up what (Longhairs® products) I had (leftover), not thinking about anything, except writing my novels and publishing them. I was so busy that I just didn’t notice how my hair was growing again.I was going along with my busy life, without a thought as to what I was doing.
Then one day I turned around and discovered my hair had returned. And not only returned; it was gorgeous!It seemed like I woke up one morning and took a good look in the mirror and discovered that I not only had long hair again, but a full head of thick, beautiful, hair. And I did nothing but simply use the Longhairs® Hairgasm basic shampoo and conditioner.I didn’t use the #18 Scalp oil like I knew I should, or scritch, or any of those things I know to be a part of this regimen, and yet my hair was back more beautiful than it has ever been, even when I was young and in my prime……So, if that’s what happens after a year of not doing it right, what will happen with a year of doing it right of using the products like I know they are supposed to be used? Well, I’m going to find out.I’ve just renewed my membership and ordered my second, long overdue Magicpack.
These products truly do work even when you don’t pay close attention to the details of doing it right.

Katie B Author from Tennesee

March 21, 2017

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