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Dear Louise Marie

My hair has been doing great.

… its growing well and i’m not getting many split ends, which is rather surprising. and when i do notice the split ends, i snip them. i attribute my hair health to your gear. it is the bomb:-)

i’ve also become more aware of handling my hair, which i believe helps alot. i always comb with a wide tooth comb, i do not go near blow dryers, i do not go out with wet hair, and when i am out in the cold, i keep on a hat and keep it tucked in my coat.

…all that together, i’m doing great. i saw my family recently, and my mom was so happy about my hair. she said i finally have my hair back. healthy, full. my “crowning glory” she calls it. thats half the beauty of it – people noticing.

i saw a friend that i haven’t seen in a year and a half, and he was so happy about my hair. i hung out with him for years with my long hair, then i chopped it. now its pretty again. i’ve been religious with your stuff. Susan didn’t seem so convinced last term. now, finally, she is only using your shampoo and conditioner. no more of her old cheap-o brand. i’ll help her out with the oil, because she told me she would give it to me. but i guess i should take her by the hand and lead her to the good hair.

Her hair is dry and very damaged with alot of breakage and splits. yet she still blow dries and it hurts me. maybe you could advise her #11, or something super good to protect from blow dryer damage. so that is all for now. thanks for everything. i don’t know what my hair would be like now without the miraculous louise marie products. it scares me to think……

(from the Eastern USA)

March 20, 2017

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