But after one month with the Longhairs BTN DUO

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Hello Louise Marie,

just a quick note to confirm what i told you about what i can now do with my (waistlength) hair.

As it was growing longer, i couldn’t tie it up in a bun any more. it was too heavy, too slippery, and the bun would always end up undoing itself. But after one month with the BTN duo (LONGHAIRS® BTN Duo Beginners Kit), i can now tie it up in a knot, and it stays in place with chinese chopsticks. i have used several variations on the bun (twist, with chopsticks, with a second elastic, etc.). i never use more than one or two bobby pins, and my hair always stays in place for the full day.

so. you were right about that. It’s weak hair, NOT long hair, that cannot sustain a bun or a french twist.

Cheers to you,

Catherine from Moncton and McGill

March 20, 2017

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