Ben- was too busy petting my hair to say anything…

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ok, first 3 days i got my Magicpack, i used #18, #6 and the 9 Trees conditioner. (well, actually i went insane because they all smelled so good so basically i sat opening all the bottles and sniffed them.) washed my head, went to bed, woke up in the morning. now, usually for my hair to look body-ful and floofy, i must blow dry it upside down, yadda yadda all that crap, but when i woke up, without doing anything else to it, it was FLOOFY! and SOFT! i have never seen my hair look like this. it’s as soft as a four year olds!!! and it’s full of body!!!

after 3 days, i used #3 shampoo. (this is going to be gross, but this way you know.) i had (pre-Louise Marie Longhairs product days) these icky little itchy raw spots on my head, seborhea i think it’s called, and when i used the #3 stuff, those little raw spots scabbed over, and the scabs fell off, and left new pink, non itchy, non raw stuff underneath. how the hell you managed that, i do not know, nor do i care. all i know is my scalp is reeeally nice now.

i love the #11 Magic spray. i LLLLOOOOOOVVVEEEE it. (sorry this is so damn long, but so are the effects of your products, so there 😛 ) usually, i drive with my windows open. and then my hair is FULL of snarls, acutally my hair usually is snarly, , and just one day into your products i am so serious here, i have NO tangles. i went swimming yesterday, sprayed some #11 Magic on my hair after, didn’t comb it, and when it dried, it only needed the tiniest bit of brushing. usually i’d have to sit forever combing it out.

I LOVE THE #19 HONEY BEE LONG HAIR CONDITIONER. my god it smells so good. and my hair is soooo soft! (i’m going to be ordering alot of the #19 honey stuff and another #9 tree rinse in a few days, i’ll warn you ahead of time).

before, by the end of the day, my hair would look dusty and stringy, and now even when i get up the next morning, my hair still looks clean and shiny and untangly! you are magic! you know that?!?!?

thank you so much for the pony tailers you send along, they are perfect for karate and work! (ooo, i feel so cute in karate, i caught sight of my hair in the mirrors when we were doing round house kicks, it swung around, all preetty and stuff)

…and the Flexifinger pick! dear god in heaven, i love that thing, cause if i hit a little tangle, i can feel the tension in the comb before i pull too hard on my hair! thank you so much! (i ate all the gum in one day, mmmmm). so the only ones i’ve tried so far and reviews( i’ve found i don’t need to wash my hair everyday with you stuff cause it stays clean in between):

#6 shampoo- smells mAAhvelous, super shiny hair, scalp didn’t itch so damn bad. #9 Tree Rinse- absolutely no tangles in my hair afterwards, soft and floofy. #3 shampoo- brand new scalp. no raw itchies left at all. #19 Honey Bee-Long Treatment; i could eat it it smells so good. hair soft as a baby’s. again, makes my hair floofy.

#11 Magic spray- name says it all. i’m permanently addicted. protein shampoo-hair felt immediately soft and thick, strong. super shiny. i feel like rapunzel. now, reactions from people: mom- thought i put my hair on velcro rollers since it had body. Ben- too busy petting my hair to say anything… aunt- commented how shiny and pretty it looked the real shocker: dad and brother (who never notice ANYTHING): commented on it being shiny.

you RULE! take care!

(Georgia USA)

March 20, 2017

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