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I’ve been hearing a lot about your products on a hair forum for women of color. I’m very interested in your products. There are so many web sites out there where people claim their products are the best.

From what I’ve heard your seem to be living up to their promises. I have relaxed, colored treated hair. I relax in order to manage my tightly coiled hair texture. I’m 43, my hair is thin, fragile, break easily when wet, it is dry especially at the ends. If I blow dry it’s all over the floor. I try not to use heat, I use quality hair products and I still have these problems. My hair is a couple of inches below my shoulders and I want it to grow, grow, grow and be manageable. Can you help me?

17 Mar – VW California


Dear Louise Marie,
I heard about your products on a hair forum for women of color. I am African American with relaxed hair. I suffer from dry, shedding, lifeless hair that needs plenty of TLC in order to decrease breakage.

I just have to tell you that I am totally amazed with your products!! I purchased the LONGHAIRS® BTN PRODUCTS DUO and I swear I have NEVER, used a product were I saw and felt positive results on the first use. Your products make me look forward to shampooing my hair.

Your products, I have to say are worth every dime spent. I’m using less time doing my hair. No more 30 minute deep conditioning treatments, followed by moisturizing treatments. No more massive product use to get soft hair that doesn’t have movement afterwards!! Now, I just shampoo and condition – 30 minutes in the shower maximum.

My hair is soft, strong, clean, toned, conditioned and there is movement whether I blow dry or not. I love the 10B conditioner. It detangles the moment it hits my hair and leaves it soft as it dries. That stuff is totally awesome.

Okay, so then I begin to wonder if it was just your technique or the actual product. So, I returned to my old products (N—s) and used your shampoo and condition technique…my hair felt hard and weighted down.

So, now I know it’s definitely your product hands down.

Louise Marie, my hat is off to you for a totally awesome product that works well on African American hair.

I’m not sure whether I want to or need to purchase the magic pack just now – only because I’m so blown away by the LONGHAIRS® BTN PRODUCTS DUO. I wanted to know products and the total cost for maintaining my relaxed hair.

I’m terrified of salons and do my own relaxer and hair care. I cut my own hair too. Doesn’t look bad, and thanks to your products I look like I stepped out of a salon.

longhair-happy = Are you kidding?? I am extremely happy with my hair and the time that I’m not spending doing all that conditioning with heating caps and putting a bunch of “stuff” in it to make it soft and manageable!!! Yes, I’m very happy and I’ve only been using since April 1, 2004.

I didn’t shampoo one day and it still had swing…my hairs overall condition has improved. When I do braid outs my hair isn’t stiff and best of all…it isn’t shedding a lot upon comb out. I’m not getting a handful of hair anymore.

VW California

March 20, 2017

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