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My hair is within a couple inches of my goal of classic / bottom of the butt length. This is very exciting — I can notice the growth. A young lady at the grocery story complimented my hair and asked how long it took to grow. I told her I had been growing it for 12 years and that now I get my hair cut once a year — of course at Louise Marie’s. It’s a bit shaggy along the bottom now, but with the use of Magic spray and comb-outs/ brushing by my hair roadie (my sweetie), it was looking very nice this Thanksgiving. Best regards.

-(here is a note from her sweetie: Her hair looks great since she started following the regimen you recommended in May. Very shiny and silky and more body. Seems to be growing faster, too, or maybe she is just getting to the point where the length is more noticeable. Only about 3 inches from her goal of bottom ‘o the butt. As my lady says, “Who knows after that.”)

(Longdistance Magicpack members from Wisconsin USA since May 2000)

March 19, 2017

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