And she has brought back my hair from the dead…

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I met Louise Marie last week and she has brought back my hair from the dead. My hair has never looked better thanks to her truly magick touch and magickal products. What’s more is, unlike most hairdressers, she truly listens to what you want to do with your hair and guides you according to your needs, schedule and lifestyle.For the last 6 months I have been unable to get my hair to sit right. It had lost its shine, its waves and it felt sticky, knotted and dry no matter how much I: conditioned it, babied it, did masks, put oil in it, clarified it, cut out my split ends etc. I have been sad about this as my hair used to get compliments and since it is quite long I feel it is important that it look its best.I went to the Longhairs® Non-salon and Louise Marie cut my disheveled hair and used her wonderful products on my locks. When she was done I looked in the mirror and I was absolutely amazed and overjoyed. My hair looked beautiful! It had bounce, shape, amazing shine. She had carefully cut away my damage leaving a maximum possible length. I could not stop touching my hair and looking at it.I left the salon with tons of good advice and her products. When I got home my partner immediately noticed the difference. He told me my hair looked like something from a magazine or advert. The best thing is that unlike the damaging hair products that are used in the commercial world of modeling, Louise Marie’s products are totally organic and free of cancer-causing parabens and drying alcohol. The Hairgasm products are pure, natural and safe.

I have since been washing my hair with her #2 Superclear Balance Shampoo by Longhairs® and #10-B-ME-2C Longhairs® Protein X-Dry Curly or Coloured Conditioner plus using the (Cherry) Longhairs® Kinder Brush, Scritching comb and #18 Longhairs® S.O.S. Two-Stars Medic Scalp Oil. My hair has never felt softer, looked healthier nor shinier and I am amazed at how even if I go out in the wind with my hair loose, it does not get caught up in huge tangles like it used to.

I am in love and plan to use my last pennies to hopefully buy a different shampoo Yin-Yang Cooling and Stimulating Herbal Shampoo and conditioner set this week as this one is so good but now I have simply got to try the others!

K Kingsbury Belgium and Canada

March 21, 2017

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