All I can say is…wow.

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I received my order today (a day early – yay Canada Post!), and everything arrived snug and safe.All I can say is…wow. My hair’s been ruined to the point of being unable to get a comb through it for the last couple of weeks, and in ONE treatment with the Longhairs #18 SOS Scalp oil/#27 Chillout Purifying Spray and Beginners Kit #2 Balancing Superclear shampoo and #10-BME conditioner, it’s soft, pliable, and tangle free. This is awesome, and I am completely impressed.Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Everything smelling lovely is a nice bonus, too. :DA.Warner
Her silver hair goes yellow again!!
How to tell when your mom has run out of her Longhairs shampoo and conditioner…that she’d pinched from you? Her silver hair goes yellow again!!

Fran H

March 21, 2017

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