After Colouring The 2ND Appointment

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After Colouring The 2ND Appointment
If you love your hair as much as I do and are trying to protect it from the products out there with harsh chemicals, you have to go see Louise-Marie Longhairs at the Longhairs Non-Salon on Yonge St.
I’ve been using “natural” products for years now and nothing compares to her products that are all organic too. Check out her web site for the huge NO list of what’s not in her products.
I went in a couple weeks ago with thick coarse hair that was rough to the touch and hard to manage. It would take me over an hr of blow drying and straightening to get my hair to look good. Not to mention the colour was looking nasty and I had not dyed my hair in a while because I haven’t been able to find a natural dye that I liked.
Louise-Marie got me started on her hair treatment to repair my hair for a week and a half before dying it. My hair went from being unmanageable to falling nicely without it being styled and going from thick and coarse to thick and silky.
Louise-Marie then made me an organic hair colour and a personalized hair treatment to put in before dying my hair. My hair actually feels even better after dying it.
Cannot wait for my length to come back, now that I found awesome organic products that will help keep my hair looking good while it grows out.
Check out the shine.
— feeling fantastic.


March 23, 2017

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