After a week of use I fell in love with my hair again!

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Remembering my first love Magic Spray #11.

First let me tell you I am

Black American woman and recently went natural (no chemicals) a couple
of years ago. Recurrent issues with dryness, tangles and breakage was
severely driving me towards using chemicals again to ease my hair
routine process.

Then I remembered some years ago using your #11 Magic Spray
on my relaxed hair and loving the results. So I decided to give it a
try on my natural 4C hair texture. After a week of use I fell in love
with my hair again. My hair is soft, combable (a NO for 4C hair) and

Thank you for delivering clean healthy products and
maintaining your formulas. I don’t have to resort to dangerous chemicals
just to detangle my hair. It use to take me 4 hours to detangle my hair.
Who has time for that?!

Manna B USA

March 21, 2017

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