Accolades to you Louise Marie…

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Dear Louise Marie;

I am writing you a short note to express my appreciation for your art. This past Sunday my fiancée came to you, to have her locks operated on. , I am sure you remember us…we were the ones with the longhair…HA !!! As it stands, I love my lady’s lovely hair and I approached your service with the greatest unease. None the less we came into your humble salon and opened ourselves to your skills. Throughout the whole process I sweated internally, dreading the outcome. Before the cutting started I made myself scarce, leaving only to return after the deed was done. Upon my return the job was not quite complete so I lurked in the shadows awaiting the outcome. The moment soon arrived and my lady came into your reception area with her usual gleeful giggle. I lifted my eyes in delay, being asked my opinion. Now I am not one for patronizing tomes, never have been…never will be, so I withheld the obligatory offerings only to state that what I saw was different. I posed the only question of import to me, “do YOU like it honey?” Needless to say she was ecstatic. Good enough for me.

But now if you want my true opinion of your mastery I offer you this. The style and its execution on your part is second to none. For me, I find the cut most intriguing and it displays many vantages to me. It is at one moment sweet and innocent, the next dark and sultry, perhaps even sordid.. .I am so bad. Regardless of this, the experience I adore most about this new look is in the joy of adaptation. Upon closely perusing your work I have noticed the many subtleties of your approach, mostly the way you have crafted the hair to grow into having a natural uncut appearance. Accolades to you Louise Marie. Another lifetime client to add to your list.

(Canadian male)

March 20, 2017

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