A tiny bit of wild , naturally…

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I love my new LML haircut. My boyfriend loves how it swings. I like it too! It’s sooo much easier and quicker to rinse out!!! I like the fringe up front. I was thinking of dying them – or I should say, have you dye them. I saw how you dyed your hair more brown and how natural it looked. I feel that if I don’t like the new colors, you could get it back to the original. I was thinking of dying the hairs up near my face shades of red (bright red), raspberry, and plum. then I was thinking of putting those same shades on a few individual strands throughout my hair so you’d do a double take and wonder if those funky colors were natural. Plus, it would look really good coiled in a bun with the multi-colors. This way, I could keep my natural color that I LOVE and have fun with a few other colors. We’d have to somehow coordinate the copper-highlights into it too. I was thinking of maybe doing a bit of a fiery-orange red too. I hope this makes sense. I want a tiny bit of wild color, but I want it to appear completely natural too – like
what one might imaging the hair on a fairy, goddess, or mermaid would look like. I want it to coordinate with my natural haircolor still.

this is still just a thought. I’m not sure if I have the guts to do it yet 🙂

(Michigan USA)

March 19, 2017

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