A Pets-timonial

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Here is a testimonial from a pet dog that needed my help named Agua or ‘water’ (a dog) seems he can type pretty good.

Here’s what ‘Agua’ (the dog) wrote;

“This summer, I had a horrible experience, and Louise Marie saved my skin! I developed a bad reaction to fleas: a rash which developed into raw and itchy hot spots. So itchy, in fact, I almost chewed my fur off! I was naked and in pain, and my owners did not know what to do.

They consulted EVERYONE, to no avail. Then they asked Louise Marie for help! She prescribed #22 shampoo, followed by her famous #9 Trees conditioner.

I enjoyed the smell, and the soothing effect on my skin and fur. Best of all, the fleas couldn’t stand it, and took off, ha ha!

#9 Trees conditioner was even great when they rubbed it directly on my sores, and healed them fast. Louise Marie also prescribed her #27 Chillout Healing Spray, which had an immediate effect, stopping the chewing impulse and cooling the hot areas down.

She even made some great wholistic and naturopathic recommendations, which helped me a lot! Now my coat is thicker and healthier than ever before, and I feel better overall.

I’m so glad she was there to help!”

Agua (the dog)

(he wags his tail)

March 20, 2017

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