Your directions say to use hot water, but with other product lines I’ve always used lukewarm water with a cold water rinse, in order to close the hair cuticle and leave the hair smooth.

Perhaps this may work with chemical products and product that need such help – we don’t. By following our directions for our products with our products, you will get very smooth hair that is staying smooth without a forced hand.

This might also work where the product’s chemicals (natural or created), regardless of temperature, will spread what good oils (processed or emulsified) might happen to be in the product. I guess it also depends on the nature theory (if there is one) and strength of what they might be using. Using lukewarm water with cold water rinse certainly isn’t a long hair ‘do or die’ rule of any sort, and we don’t keep this in mind prior to making any product for long hair just to make it in the way certain people want to use it. There is no general rule that we look for to follow when we manufacture except success.

I do know you cannot move butter or good oils around properly like you think you are doing with lukewarm or cool water unless there is a high detergent value to do the job. The oils in our products and the nature of it are not such chemicals, but designed to melt at temperatures higher than body temperature (there are many reasons for this) without the use of the chemicals or preprocessing that an average consumer may not understand. Our products sufficiently ‘open’ to accept when they are supposed to, ‘penetrate and close’ on their own when they are supposed to; it’s programmed in – unlike ‘outside’ products that coat the hair or are simple natured in design. Have you ever heard of anyone doing a “cold oil treatment”?

Tips like this one, found here and there, are not speaking of Longhairs® products at all, and are only tips for common products that produce the needs from which these kinds of tips arise from. Doing this with the water temperature with our products is definitely going to meddle with the way our products were designed to work. In other words what you need to do for other products, our products do for you, if you provide the environment it needs to naturally do so and not interfere in such a way.

The need to apply outside information on our perfectly well-instructed product is indeed overkill. There is no need here for outside tips that are contrary to manufacturer’s directions. There is no need to make a product that feeds into these theories, as we are beyond making a generic product work as that is backwards thinking.

Doing other directions is like not following directions on a cake mix, because you deemed them not normal – and then you complain because it came out less than right, after you changed the clear instructions.

The scalp’s natural oil production system has properties that need to be activated and circulation created or allowed, so your body can properly cleanse it. (Plugged up scalps have solidified oil in there that goes rancid; this is often why some people’s long hair up close smells like an old boot and their hairline on face and backs are pimply.) Any good oil, including your scalp’s own oil (if it is clean and not rancid) needs to flow and not be solidified into waxy plugs. (Honest… we have no conspiracy with your hot water provider.)

Our stuff works best with our instructions, because the instructions are made for the product – not because we never checked around or forgot to ask what hoops people need to go through to make some things do their job.

Our clients’ hair is long, healthy, growing, problem and odor-free, and our clients love to learn. Why mess with success?!

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