*Why haven’t I heard of you, from or on some long hair related groups?

Welllll… for one as a company we are not allowed to participate but thats ok, what’s not ok is that well-speakers are accused of selling or spying… plants they call them.. For two.. Sometimes some people somewhere get or got a bit poopy about some things… sometimes it’s the b-factor… and sometimes it’s just complicated…sometimes a self-appointed ‘I failed… it’s not for meee’ trophy. Yes often it is a little juicy conspiracy to give us bad press because that’s trollers, it’s their job to thrive on necessary-negativity stories…you know it happens to the best of us.

Somehow we apparently stole someone’s thunder out there without even trying to- just by being there and being an inventor a creator not a sheeple company. Oh well, what can you do? You’re here at your right time anyway. ‘When the student is ready, the teacher…’ oh, you know the saying.

We are simply a hard-working company making amazing organic and revolutionary products and goodies for all – and no time for messing around.

At Longhairs® Hairgasm® Long & Growing Hair®, we don’t gift-out product for reviews nor do we payoff to get mention.. aka pay-to-play. There are also internet bullies that have tried to play bait-and-switch games with our dedicated clients (well, it IS the internet and it’s like the Wild West) so we just choose to stay focused on our goals and avoid the confusion. We’ll get to the right people at the right time and we believe in that.

We do not subscribe to the notion that a woman’s experiences in hair or fashion or life are limited to how far her arm can reach or confined to the limits of her own personal appearance and attributes. This only reinforces the (mistaken) idea that a woman can’t work on anyone who differs from herself. It is a way to sort, categorize, and group women in order to control them, and this is a rut that some women fall into. It’s not very pretty sometimes.

This phenomenon of sorting themselves in and sorting themselves out, mysteriously does not apply to male nature. Sadly it often belongs to a limited-thinking world that women often believe… that men are allowed to specialize in anything and everything they like (even things they do not themselves have or wear). This old-world, woman-repressive thinking still exists, mostly for the purpose of employing women to control other women. LMLonghairs is a brave soul; she has always avoided the limitations put on her by these types of women. Often they are insecure and feel the need to bring successful females down to size, or bring them down a few pegs, and use expressions like too big for her britches (that word has an ‘r’ in it). Sometimes women don’t hear of the Longhairs® Hairgasm® establishment or Hairgasm® products from where one might imagine are most likely places because of the controlling and competitive nature of this small percentage of women in topic-related communities.

See Activism link and Determined To Fail FA-Q (yes….calling them on it…) We tell you how it is and support our products.  Those who decidedly fail and are proud of the fact in order to post negativity online reserve the right to do so. So we now reserve the right to adress the issue. These folks we notice never asked for support usually never wanted our directions and don’t reply to support emails if they ever do communicate.

No life never promised to be fair… eventhough we did spend a lifetime creating designing long haired solutions with 40 plus years of expertise firsthand and are still at the forefront trying awfully hard to help the best of people. But hey there is all kinds that click ‘buy now’.


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