What is the difference between this website (www.longhairs.com) and your other website (www.hairgasm.com) and why are there different logins for each?

Our two main websites serve two separate sides of our online business: Hairgasm is our e-commerce website and is used to purchase our products, and Longhairs is our information and communication website, providing you with extended information and answers about our products, their usage and care, and acting as a communication tool between you and LML.


  • Product sales website.
  • Fully categorized catalog of available products.
  • Different products available to official MagicPack Members.
  • Online purchasing.
  • Anyone can register.
  • You create your own username and password.
  • Once a MagicPack is purchased, you become a MagicPack Member and are given access to members-only products.


  • Information and communication website.
  • Categorized FAQs, tutorials, and testimonials for products.
  • Different FAQs and tutorials available for official MagicPack Members.
  • Appointment bookings for in-shop visits.
  • General public may not register.
  • When you become a MagicPack Member we create a username and password for you.
  • MagicPack Members are given a Daily Hair Diary to communicate with LML for ongoing support and guidance.

So, why two different logins?

For security and administration purposes, it is more sensible to separate the logins for the two sites. When you become a MagicPack Member and are given a login for the longhairs site, we will try to match your username to the one you use on hairgasm (if applicable). For security purposes we do not have the ability to view your existing password, so we cannot give you the same password on both sites.

If you are a MagicPack Member and would like to have the same username and password for both sites, when you login to www.longhairs.com with the username and password provided, simply visit the My Account page and change your password to match the one you have on www.hairgasm.com.

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