My hair is so curly that I lose a lot of length. What can I do to stretch out the curl a bit?

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Right before it dries, twist your hair in one single twist (or two piggies), and hang it down your back wrapped in a zip-up fleece hoodie, and by the time you get to work, the kick will be out your of the curl.

Ask me to show you in person how the African Queens solve questions like this, but more elegantly with a Pashmina.

Fifteen minutes to an hour and length is regained!!

Also, you can Smooth-Comb before toweling as you get out of the shower; it makes quite a difference in curl, as does putting it in buns on each side of your head when almost dry.

Hair with our products (opens new window) responds quickly and well to any ‘forming activities’ that you might wish to do.

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