I heard from Louise Marie that we shouldn’t ALL go use henna, why?

Personal opinion: I like it; it’s pretty.

My professional advice: on the average person has a very narrow window of success.

Henna is natural, and it does many things – some good, but mostly I find that it’s quite intrusive. Henna does have it’s purposes, but only on virgin and hair in immaculate condition. Henna is not a colouring alternative, although in the beginning the colors can be very stunning.

Sometimes henna proves to be rather short term thinking for long hair that is a a long term thing with us. If you want to do what’s healthiest, it’s not the first thing to change towards a healthy path because henna can, and often does, prevent the absorption of water and proper conditioning components.

When the colour from it is gone, the henna is still there (it’s wax). Even henna that’s colorless can have permanent residual results. It is a sealer, like a waxy substance left on the surface of the little scales of your hair shaft. It seals it so that it stays in whatever condition it was previously in. Once this coating is deposited on the hair shaft, it wears out unevenly and gets rough. Thus the only way to keep the hair shaft smooth after henna is to either re-apply it (more residue), or spend ages with my guidance and products to remove it. We have several supervised and successful users.

Henna? Let’s just not do it, but discuss with me if you have a shine problem. You have the tools you need in your MagicPack (link opens new tab).

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