What are the best days for product pickup so I don’t intrude on another client’s session?

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Best days for pickup new bottles freshly-filled or refilling your current bottles (even partial refills)are the days you/we arrange together ahead…your  golden time. Note:  the door is not left unlocked so it’s best to PLEASE  ARRANGE AHEAD:-)

You can use a form on the CONTACT PAGE, text her, call her or send an email… Easy! We also do Curbside Drive-By n grab your stash…to save you on time, on shipping or on parking..COD to your car window, prepaid by credit card (add 3%) or Email Interac transfer.. and yes…always can bring cash. Log in and use the catalog.. the website is 24 hours a day!! it totals up.. adds tax… and has the settings you need.

Anyone who is picking up or refilling is advised to call first.

Horn combs fittings are by appointment only.



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