Why aren’t product ingredients listed on your bottles or on your websites?

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It is because our products are so profound and our ingredients are secret. It’s not just what is used, it’s how it’s used.

Producing a great product for a specific audience and for good people often involves trust – trust not found in corporations that own most hair product lines.

In Canada our quality controls protect us and are not designed to entirely shift responsibility to the individual to protect themselves. Did you know that in some places folks are agreeing to the label they buy without knowing what most of these ingredients are at an average consumers level of understanding?

Our clients simply relax and enjoy. Our clients are tired of reading bottles with flowery language-ed ingredient lists that don’t help when the product doesn’t work, or fools you by sounding natural. For what we don’t use and more details, kindly see what ingredients we don’t ever use in the making of any of our products.

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