What kinds of services are available at the Non-Salon®?

The Longhairs® Non-Salon® offers:

  • Long hair shaping, sculpting, basic trims, cuts, & styles.
  • Scalp, hair, and holistic treatments.
  • Long hair, skin, and scalp products.
  • Colours, highlights, and streaks.
  • Split ends removal & prevention.
  • Different levels of care for public and Members.
  • Problem hair & scalp solutions.
  • Long hair start-ups and maintenance.
  • Individualized follow-up care.
  • Therapeutic sheep and ox horn combs.
  • Brushes, accessories, and hair care tools.
  • Organic, independent skin care line.
  • Administration of long hair-related nutrients.
  • Worldwide mail order and gift baskets.

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