How often do I need to come in to the Non-Salon® when I am a Longhairs® client?

Longhairs® trademarked quality hair therapy, scalp therapy, split end therapy, and even regular trims are very different situations that any salons’ quick-fix is a minimal snip off the ends – or cutting off the length you are working so hard to increase. Typical salon trims are often going to cause breakage, wear, and a need for the hair to try to correct itself, never mind the stress on hairs and hairlines.

What she’s seen coming in on her first-timers proves this.

With Longhairs® long hair services there are certain things that need to be done more than ‘just so’ and these tasks she does is NOT common knowledge.

There are things that need to be aligned, coaxed, shaped, and trained into the hair, and you need to trust Ms Louise Marie herself at your appointment as to what it will take to maintain the path you both have decided on.

Most hair salons pursue the opposite of what long hair actually needs, positioning the timing of their menial ‘dustings’  in order to make a constant flow of money – and so often removing all the growth that you’d gained since your last visit. Worse yet, some flash-in-the-pan new-idea long hair places are just cashing in on fads, or can be quite shockingly self-serving and strangely creepy in their motives.

Meanwhile, LMLonghair will do fascinating things, like putting in self-stimulating lines, building up strength, doing special angles to prevent frizz, encourage or discourage thickness, provide style, speed up grow-ins or grow-outs, alignments, re-alignments, dusting, and trimming. As well, checkups and free bangs trims are often included in the regular course of your visit.

Clients who must travel long distances can and will be set up so her work lasts as long as needed between visits, without clients doing any other trims in between – observing the motto:

LML or Nothing

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