How do I use #19 Honey Bee as an overnight deep treatment? Do I continue in the morning with #9 Trees or start over with shampoo?

#19 Honey Bee is made to be used as the first part of a 2-part deep treatment on wet, clean, washed hair. Never use #19 on dry/not-wet hair (so never pre-treat with #19); only use on wet hair, and always follow #19 with #9 Trees in the same session.

Use 2 tbsp or more twice a week or twice every week-and-a-half, before rinsing and applying 2 tbsp of #9 Trees. Do not comb your hair until #19 has been rinsed out and #9 is being used; then you may detangle while Flexipicking in-shower.

You may sleep with it still in your hair as a deep treat (applied on still-wet hair after washing), then rinse out and finish by using #9 in the morning.

#19 Honey Bee also works great as a skin moisturizer (no need to use #9 as a follow-up).

Try wrapping your scalp with a plastic bag with our specially designed hair towel on top to keep it warm, and kick back in the tub for a soak before rinsing out in the shower as above (followed by #9).

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