Is a heat cap safe to use to deep-condition overnight?

I don’t feel it is; here’s why:

I am concerned about your being exposed to elecromagnetic fields around electronics at night, especially around the head (e.g. cellphones or any electricity) while it is plugged in, turned on or switched off. It’s bad for your cells, and your sleep pattern.

Let’s try to substitute something else, same effect.

The All-Canadian Touque Solution: plastic grocery bag (decal facing out) then slip a nice thick touque over it – tooooasty!!

This is a little louder till it settles in, but use a shiny-side-in mylar heat reflector blanket from emergency vehicle kits wrapped over a plastic bag, preferably a clear bag, and then a terry or cloth surgery cap, like a j-cloth material, over it all. It will heat up WAY hotter but WAY safer than a heat cap for overnight.

A heat cap can be used safely by heating it up on your head, then unplugging it for the duration of the time.

See our Sleepy Longhairs page for more!

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