Is there any difference between Longhairs® Hairgasm® products and “natural” products?

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Of course there is a huuuge world of difference in ingredients goals needs and results.

Add on to that note..see a list of what she does not use..

‘Natural’ and ‘Organic’ is what we feel, is the way everything should just ‘be’ anyway. This is Long Hair Specialty Focus and Expertise at its best…without considering ‘natural’ as a bonus. Simply organic or ‘natural’ is not the the only credential necessary to make specialized  product ‘for long hair’.

Longhairs® specializes in making ‘natural’ products for long hair (link opens new tab) – special product, special purpose, special instructions.

Don’t confuse ‘natural’ (a sales pitch word) with ‘good for your needs’. Does ‘natural’ actually tell you anything, e.g. natural beef, natural bread, made with natural flour, natural rosemary (is there non-natural rosemary?), and does everything ‘natural’ in the world belong in one classification? Does it belong on your hair? Is it good for long hair?

Ask us if there is a way to get you some Samples… we would be happy to share some of what she says you need:-)

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