Can I just come in for a trim, and buy some basic shampoo and conditioner from you?

Of course, yes. And for the ‘complicated stuff’ it just depends on how involved your needs are. DoctorLonghairs can deal with hair and scalp needs refreshingly easily on all lengths and levels, and at the same time is very capable of some pretty high-end and long-lasting results.

At any speed, even basic care is going to thrill you, and you’ll be glad you asked. ‘How much’ isn’t the issue like in typical salons; you’ll be relieved that you came in for a trim. It’s natural after great results to want to take with you some of our ‘basic’ shampoo and conditioner (and Flexipick). You can stay at that basic-needs level if you choose, no problem at all. You’ll still find the distinctive Longhairs brand of perfection present for even your simplest needs.

Oh, and complicated? Somebody has to do it, and there’s nobody better than LML to do it – and it’s not really that complicated, it just so happens MagicPacking or ‘kitting’ may or may not be for you.

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