What days should I try to book hair, health, products, and other sessions?

The Longhairs® Non-Salon® is open

Tuesday through Saturday and every second Sunday, from 11 am to 8 pm

and closed every Monday and every second Sunday.

Pickups, including newbie product consults with pickup, and prepaid curbside drive-bys can be done as you wish during regular hours, but please call first, even if it’s last-minute, so we can make sure someone is available to help you. Services by Louise Marie Longhairs are available by appointment only.

Newbie appointments/treatments are often done as the last session in the day (so there’s no pressure and no rushing) but she can be flexible. Time frame is 6 pm or last booking, around 7-8 pm. Afternoons are also available. Newbies are advised to fill out the Tell Us More About You form before requesting your appointment, as it will give you better value during your session.

Newbie or non-member 1/2 hour consultations without same-day purchase of recommended products (or attached to/preceding that day’s session) are charged $75 plus tax. Getting a session, trim, etc. or buying startup kits – no charge for consultation.

Consultation is included in ALL same-day purchases or services, and in product purchases over $75.

Quotes, starting prices, and such are NOT discussed over the phone or email, but we do take cash, Amex, Visa, Mastercard, and Interac.

Highlights and colour are not normally done on people who are not yet (or not at all) pursuing Longhairs products unless they start using them 1-2 weeks before their colouring or highlighting appointment. Suggest you start with trim and some products before booking ‘chemical’ work. Our unique, very gentle colour line strives to achieve great, stable results (they are MADE for each other) and results are dependent upon the colour seen while using our line. Any colouring, bleaches, perms, and highlights are made to be specifically used with our products for best results – and we insist you expect nothing but the best results.


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