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Long and Growing Hair Specialist®, Hairgasm® and Longhairs® Non-Salon® , Sweet Marie Longhairs® Logo are our Registered International Trademarks Copyrights and Servicemarks 

Trademark Is Federal…FYI the rules.

We have official trademarks covering over all provinces territories and over 50 states in the USA for our companies  since around 1979. We have sales proven all over the world so rights there too.

Federal trademarks (that’s us) totally trumps over and above any local state business registration or domain registration including  LLP company individual or person. Why?… because state is state and it is under Federal law and not equal to it so it is not going to make anything official or protect you from getting sued in any way.

For that any inconsiderate opportunist who gets the idea to register their new company containing our trademark word/name that we invented name HAIRGASM®™ that for many years we have registered exclusive rights for and conduct business under. we have a right to income you make using our trademark.

Do not mistakenly assume that because you were physically able to so, that it is either your right or is allowable to use or is legal or permissible by law. We do actively enforce our trademark rights and copyrights. This means anyone’s  businesses under our brand name is hereby advised to get thir own name that does not include the use of ours or include our name in their business in any way any where shape or form anywhere whether with one letter different, dashes or other intentional deviations of our legal mark in it, web domains, registrations, social media, logos, pages etc.That is not allowed.

Infringers will be served notice assets seized …which takes up both of our time, energy and money,please try to be concientious and hopefully we can both avoid legal action and resulting legal escalation. That will inevitably occur because it infringes on our exclusive C n D rights and causes market passing off and confusion. It is also not allowed for a business to copyright a logo that is using our trademarked name and use it to sell or run a salon wig or hair extensions store. We understand you may like our trademarks but so do we… and our clients do too. We have a history and put a large amount of work into our business and our identity so dont be a pirate.

Thanks in advance for conflict-prevention confusion-prevention and for showing an honest business manner and courtesy in this matter.


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