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The AUTHENTIC LONGHAIRS®™ is an exclusive and a trusted longtime institution, company, brand and tradition with longhaired folk and truly a safe-space for well over 3 decades. A clientele of longhaired men since the 70’s and women too… hailing from and mailing out to all over the world. LONGHAIRS®™ mugs t-shirts bags and sites can be seen all over the world.

LONGHAIRS ®™ Has always been and still is a totally original place for people who want to grow their hair to its absolute utmost potential and health.  The foremost in mens hair due to the nature of their exclusive needs. Beautiful, handsome, healthy, happy, natural self-styling, and absolutely magical results await for everyone who wants value and results for their efforts and shares these goals.

LONGHAIRS®™ trademarked and alternative concept is not a quickie snip and into simply giving you the trendiest hairstyle. Longhairs®™ is for people who will need understanding, exclusive supplies, who are looking  for her and welcome making a commitment to follow instructions they’ve never heard of before in our quick and easy world. LONGHAIRS®™instructions are individualized for each person and problem. Oh but you don’t need to have a problem. however prevention is a comfort.

Under the legendary long hair expert’s care, longhaired men,  longhaired women and those who identify with long hair, have grown from pixie to waist-length and longer, while always feeling hair-happy along the way. Destination length is  also rather irrelevent, and not a fetish here neither is it some neurotic competition or a race to grow hair down to the floor.

LONGHAIRS®™ clientele ages are mostly men at times, other times mostly women. It is relative with  similar issues.from teen through sixty years old. Many have been with LONGHAIRS®™ for many years. Many travel from all over the world from all states countries and provinces for care supplies advice and social interaction. Men can be the seen as the main gender’s  hair she started out doing. At times she was seen as a specialist in men’s hair…but she chose to share.

Health and hair problems are also addressed here very successfully. Analytics, cuts, trims, shapings and more are well integrated for long hair success. LONGHAIRS®™ cares and will go the extra mile to get you the results you want, including all hair types and even multiple health problems.

Ms. Dr. Longhairs®™has been in business on a global scale for well over 30 years and has extensive websites sharing her advice and products with millions of long hair fans since the before the internet’s very early days.

If you have lofty hair and health goals then LONGHAIRS®™ is the place and products for you

about some people trying to or actually hijacking our trademark…

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