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LonghairHairgasm® and Longhairs® are registered trademarks of Longhairs Company. The registration has been renewed for fifteen years pursuant to section 46 of the Trade-marks Act. The trademark is a registered intellectual property of the said company for use in business exclusively in the manner desired or decided by the company. While Longhairs® is a registered trademark and business name at the same time, Hairgasm® is a promotional business name coined by the business management, registered as required and made public to the general population. We, therefore, have exclusive rights to the aforementioned business name in not only the fifty states in the US but also in other parts of the world.

The implications of our intellectual property ownership in the name and promotional styles of Hairgasm® and Longhairs® is that no other person is legally sanctioned to use the names and styles without our express permission. Any unauthorized use of the patented names ideas and styles is actionable per se, that is actionable in law through instituting a suit to be determined on the merit as against the person using the trademark without our consent without proof of damage or loss on our part.

We further reserve the right to claim the proceeds received from such business of the unauthorized person during the period the business operated using the trademarks of Hairgasm® and Longhairs® without our consent. We aver that we shall enforce our rights under the intellectual property laws of the country at any time in which a breach comes to our attention. If a person is in breach, but we do not take action immediately, or such legal action is delayed against him, the delay or the fact that the legal action was not taken immediately shall not operate as a bar to enforcement of our rights under the law. In addition, we reserve the right to commence suit against any person or entity in breach upon demand and after the demand has not been met without any further reference to the violator of
our trademark and/or intellectual property rights under the law concerning our trademarks of Hairgasm® and Longhairs®.

We further reserve the right to enforce any decrees passed against any person infringing on our copyrights and/or take any preventive measures against such infringement if we form an informed opinion that a party intends to infringe on our registered trademark. Such preemptive measures include an application for Anton Piller orders for the search of materials to be used in beaching our trademark among other measures which shall be used from time to time as shall be considered appropriate.

We also seek the support of the general public and our clientele to report to us any violation of
the LONGHAIRS ® or HAIRGASM ® brand to us through to legal@hairgasm.com. Further information on the
means of assistance should any violations occur is also indicated on our website; you can download a pdf to read more here. 

Visit Hairgasm.com About page.

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