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 and PRODUCTS Formulator that really cares!

 Alternative  Safespace… Long and Growing Hair Salon.



Real Store & Online & International Mail Order Company.

Naturally Upscale yet Rootsy & Organic..It’ll Grow on you…

…it’s home for kind, positive and soulful freethinkers.

A Real-Life brick n mortar business since 1976..

Inspiring longhaired on the internet since the beginning. That is a long time and that says alot.



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The Only H a i r g a s m® experience;->

Longhairs®… Natural long hair that grows on you, NO NO NO HAIR EXTENSIONS DONE HERE, SO THAT’S NONE  none done… none sold …no hair is ever harvested here.

WHAT Does She Do?

Longhairs®… Hairgasm® Naturally-Pathed Methods are used exclusively in this hair-space, and the beauty secret for the most special long hair kind of people (AND FOR THOSE WHO IDENTIFY WITH BEING LONGHAIRED).

Longhairs®… Non-Salon is about what is done, how it is done why its done and is also about what (thankfully) isn’t done…and that makes all the difference. See Non-Salon® Mane Event Menu for a rough idea.

Longhairs®… and Hairgasm® International Promotions is about Long Hair and not coincidentally.. longterm thinking . The specific clientele is refreshing and delighted to find that this place truly exists.

The organic long hair are luxury-seeking products that are so different from anything out there.. The clients and products users are not the typical salon-hoppers on the circuit. (Mind you if salon-hoppers try it for a few months they too will happily stay connected…)

Longhairs®…Colors, Highlighters and Hair dyes are exclusive to our establishment. These environmentally conscious ‘specially made for health and growing hair’ dyes are natural organic, chemical-free and unique to Longhairs/Hairgasm.

Longhairs®… DoctorLonghairs’ methods includes rather than excludes many ways of doing hilights, accenting and colour/color correction. This place is well-known for deep-treatments for exquisite care and it’s open-minded creative overflow.

Longhairs®… Custom nutrients for promoting fast and healthy growing hair…radiant body and face care…and well-being health supplementation. Homeopathics and organic skin products are also available.

Doctorlonghairs has many degrees and naturopathic certifications, including experienced and intuitive in Applied Orthomolecular, TCM, Dietary, Natural, and Humanitarian Medicines, grass-roots-ecclectic-dietary directing,  full case analysis and advice. These are just the beginning of the over 35 years of indepandance and long hair growing and care expertise.

Longhairs®… long hair specialist’s uniquely manufactured custom-compounded products ensure focus, quality growth and improved hair texture with enhanced growability thats optimally feeling good and being healthy. This along with nutrition is important since hair grows from inside, out.

Longhairs®… Doctorlonghairs’ top-notch and unsurpassed care, pure nutrients are and always have been all organic all the way.

Longhairs®… natural environment, she custom-creates for each individual if needed. The Longhairs Method® does not consist of getting selling buying or installing any sort of hair-extensions and toxin-free chemicals-free and silicones-free.

That’s right …there’s NO hair extensions done here.(she can shape them correctly if installed already and you are ready to begin LONG AND GROWING care…early.

Longhairs®… For over 37 years she faithfully and righteously does all needed long hair tasks. 3 million hair miles…accident-free.

Longhairs®…  Where long hair is much more of a whole-istic  thing. Know your farmer.. She is the farmer you can grow to trust.

See the Hairgasm®  product line’s huge list of ingredients that are not used here… And of course… SEE: Our !!! NO !!! LIST.

Longhairs®… Long hair IS ALL kinds of natural out-of-the-box thinkers from all persuasions and professional people from absolutely all walks of life who love themselves and deserve MORE and the very best of things .

Longhairs®… Non-Salon®  is a place for those individuals who want to grow, keep care-for and want to or already do wear their own hair long …hanging, looking and moving it’s very best!

Longhairs®… The Non-Salon®  helps people with ailing abused damaged dry split misunderstood out-of-sorts starving hopeless hapless tangly too short too wild too flat too-anything hair breathe life back into it and make it full of strength volume thickness  shine and dance.

Longhairs®… The Non-Salon® is all about long-term thinking.

Great long hair is not luck… Long hair is not simply a waiting game. She grows hair on people ….such lucky hair….hair that’s lucky to be on someone who cares enough. IS that YOU?


… Expertly Caring for you and your long hair,

Maintaining long hair

Naturally Styling long hair,

Growing long hair,

Establishing long hair,

Healthy Shiny Dependable Long Hair ….exclusively!!

Longhairs®… is famous for many generations, open-minded individuals, trends and headspaces…simple through complex, everything long hair.

Thinking you have no length yet? Well dump the old hairworld ideas and places… it is time for change.

Longhairs®… NON-Salon. Nothing like anything out there.

The norm??? Nope Norm doesnt work here.

Longhairs®…  If you want the change…you have to be the change. it is actually easy to get started.

Longhairs®… Organic Natural Hairgasm® Products..friendly positive and creative.

THE Ecclectic Oasis for Long Hair.


Long & Growing Hair Specialist®, Hairgasm® and Longhairs® Non-Salon® ,

Sweet Marie Longhairs® Logo are our Registered International Trademarks

and Servicemarks. We have rights for exclusive use for our companies.

These exclusive marks are not to be used as-is or in any altered fashion

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